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Dainik Bhaskar Group is Urban India’s #1 newspaper group and has 6 newspapers with 67 editions. The group has a total readership of 1.26 Crore in Urban India. The group has a strong presence in radio business. 94.3 MY FM, the radio brand of the group is the largest radio network in India, with presence in 30 cities across 7 states. The digital arm of group, DB Digital has 2.6 billion collective page-views with 80.4 million unique visitors across its portals in four languages, Hindi, Gujarati, English and Marathi.



Nurturing core values and engaging employees

At Dainik Bhaskar Group, our core values are reflected in our work culture, every single day. We drive our values within the organization, creating an environment that enables our employees to imbibe the Group vision.


Employee satisfaction


Our key focus is employee satisfaction and to achieve this we conduct Gallup survey. The Group is the only company in the Indian media industry to partner with Gallup Research for employee engagement.

Gender equaity


Gender inequality remains a major concern in our society. For us, socio-economic change starts from our organisation itself and hence the Group has adopted a range of unique policies that curbs this bias. Contribution from the organisation to an employee when a girl child is born and financial assistance for their daughters’ weddings are to name a few of such initiatives.

Fun at work


We organise various activities to keep the fun quotient alive at work but we also have stringent policies, which protect an individual’s emotional and physical well-being from any sort of harassment.


Medical support


We extend medical support to not just our employees, but their in-laws as well. This sets us apart since we go beyond industry norms to offer our employees wholesome benefits.




We have adopted a work culture that seamlessly combines the ethics of professionalism with an attention to individual detail and satisfaction. This appeals to the better nature of all our employees, encouraging them to live up to their truest potential.


Reward and recognition


Through our recognition and rewards program, we make sure our employees feel valuable and recognised at an individual as well as collective level.