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Dainik Bhaskar Group is Urban India’s #1 newspaper group and has 6 newspapers with 67 editions. The group has a total readership of 1.26 Crore in Urban India. The group has a strong presence in radio business. 94.3 MY FM, the radio brand of the group is the largest radio network in India, with presence in 30 cities across 7 states. The digital arm of group, DB Digital has 2.6 billion collective page-views with 80.4 million unique visitors across its portals in four languages, Hindi, Gujarati, English and Marathi.



KBA printing machine


When it comes to being a forerunner, we don’t just restrict it to the content of the news. The entire life cycle of a news event like data collation, editing and its presentation in the newspaper and other mediums and its distribution to the readers on any medium of his choice is done using the state-of-the art methodologies. We are equipped with world-class and extremely efficient technologies to ensure that the newspapers are of superlative quality.


Today, the Group has a total of 52 printing centres with 80 high speed printing machines. These enable us to churn out the news at a massive 2.68 million copies per hour. We print 1900 news pages every day and have approximately 17,000 drop points.


When it comes to next-generation technology, our greatest asset is undoubtedly the German-manufactured KBA (Koenig & Bauer AG) printing machine. This mammoth 8-storey high printing configuration has fully-computerised systems to control the vital functions of printing which include, colour registration, ink water balance, speed, and so on.


The machine allows many innovations such as flap printing, pop-ups, drop-outs, fuzzy folds like a Fan Fold, Super Panorama (8 Page wide Single sheet) double width central spread and so on. It even enhances the entire visual experience through sharper images, brighter text and almost exact colour reproduction of the original.


But most importantly, the KBA machine prints 85,000 copies per hour against the normal average yield of 30,000 copies. Drastically reducing the time it takes to print a newspaper enabling latest news coverage like the scores of very late night sports events and the latest example being the Supreme Court judgement that took place around 4 am.


The entire Newspaper Production Process is fully automated. News, Photographs, Graphics and Advertisements are all handled through a CMS called Matrix and transmitted to all centres of Bhaskar on high speed WAN across the Group in real time. We also contribute hugely to the environment by adopting green policies and initiatives like VioGreen CTP (Computer-to-Plate) Machines that produce plates without the use of hazardous chemicals and water. We have migrated all our office and printing plants on LED lighting system, that saves almost 70% energy. Our end user computing is also on Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure which not only ensure No Data Loss and Virus Free operation but also contributes to reduced electricity consumption.