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Dainik Bhaskar Group is Urban India’s #1 newspaper group and has 6 newspapers with 67 editions. The group has a total readership of 1.26 Crore in Urban India. The group has a strong presence in radio business. 94.3 MY FM, the radio brand of the group is the largest radio network in India, with presence in 30 cities across 7 states. The digital arm of group, DB Digital has 2.6 billion collective page-views with 80.4 million unique visitors across its portals in four languages, Hindi, Gujarati, English and Marathi.



VALUES See how our pillars have helped us break barriers in markets across India.


We strive to establish a strong ground connect with latest national and international developments across sectors to capture the latest trends. Our finger is always on the pulse of our readers, customers, channel partners and employees. Establishing a culture of respect and recognition with internal and external stakeholders is of critical importance to us.

Our breakthrough strategy has helped us become No. 1 from Day 1 in most markets


An in-depth understanding of our readers guides us in creating a product that exceeds their preferences. This philosophy led us to pioneer the twin-contact program where we connect with the households of the city twice, prior to launch. While Phase I collects insights on the readers’ needs and preferences, Phase II involves showing the readers the product prototype before helping them subscribe.

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JAIPUR LAUNCH | 1996 | No.1 from Day 1


A team of 700 surveyors went out into the field collecting insights, connecting with potential readers and getting advanced subscriptions. After meeting 2,00,000 households and understanding the reader preferences of the market, we launched Dainik Bhaskar in Jaipur with 1,72,347 copies, becoming No. 1 from Day 1. The value our readers saw in our product even before the launch led them to subscribe in advance, thus rendering us relevant to advertisers.



AHMEDABAD LAUNCH | 2003 | Largest direct consumer contact program in history


We cut across states and languages by launching Divya Bhaskar in Ahmedabad with 4,52,000 copies! To achieve this, we carried out the largest consumer contact program in history. The insights gathered helped us create a product that touched the hearts of our Gujarati readers.

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BIHAR LAUNCH | 2014 | Encouraging Bihar to speak up for their rights


Bihar had the highest priced newspapers in the country as a result of which people were extremely dissatisfied. On conducting our signature door-to-door survey, we discovered that the readers were unhappy with the price as well as with the content in the existing newspapers. So we launched a massive advertising campaign – ‘SPEAK UP BIHAR’ which encouraged people to speak up against unfair prices and demand a better product. We then developed a newspaper that was priced, packaged and curated according to our readers’ preferences thus becoming No. 1 from Day 1. The impact of this campaign was such that it led to the competition slashing their newspaper prices even before we launched!


We plan on-ground initiatives and activities to connect with our readers better.


Bhaskar Utsav is an event that celebrates important milestones of the Group with its readers. Designed with the intention to include something for everyone, the event encompasses everything from marketing and film seminars to an evening of laughter and entertainment.


On the other hand Ek Ped Ek Zindagi initiative is a groundbreaking, action-led initiative of the Group that encourages the citizens of India to plant at least one tree in their lifetime. 2.5 million trees were planted by an endeavour that brought together various sections of the society.


We challenge conventional wisdom, rethinking what’s taken for granted.


Before we launched in Chandigarh, it was considered to be an English newspaper dominated market. However, our direct interaction with 2,20,000 households helped us know exactly what they wanted; Good design, quality content and Hinglish instead of English! And that was what we delivered. Once again, Dainik Bhaskar became the No. 1 paper from Day 1.


We curate content in a hyper-localized manner to maintain relevance.


Our front pages are designed to be bold, hard-hitting and on top of the events and occurrences of the day. For example, on Makar Sakranti – Gujarat’s favourite festival, Divya Bhaskar used an illustration to depict political contenders of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections engaged in a kite-flying competition.


Divya Marathi on the other hand shared its readers’ emotion on the passing away of Shri. Gopinath Munde – the popular Maharashtrian politician by publishing a picture that depicted his larger than life persona. In other words, we mourned his demise along with millions of his followers, thus connecting with our readers on a deeper, more personal level. The impact was such that the politician’s family approached us to use this printed photograph in his condolence ceremony.


Content syndication tie-ups with publications such as the 'Time', 'Harvard Business Review, 'The Economist' and 'The New York Times' help us deliver the best to our readers.


Tie-ups with reputed publications help us raise the bar and disseminate news from around the globe in an intelligent and informative format. This enables us to offer the ‘Best in Class’ experience.




We strive to differentiate in terms of format, content and policies that proactively incentivise risk-taking abilities and push the boundaries of our journalistic passion.

Practices like #nonegativelife set a bold and innovative trend that helps us stand out in the market.


#nonegativelife is an initiative to honour the good that persists against the bad and the ugly. It is a platform for those who believe that a good change must start with each one of us. And that there is never a better time to start than today. In short, it is a movement for a better world.


Take a pledge by visiting the following link: http://nonegativelife.org/


Enhancing consumer experience is the basis of everything we do.


Not only were we the first newspaper that came up with a fragrance – Gulal on Holi, we also came up with the first 3 dimensional newspaper. Because we believe in surprising and delighting our readers with everything we do.


An informative Sunday jacket for an enriching end to the week.


We believe in delivering value to our readers. Therefore we came up with a Sunday jacket that’s a power-packed compilation of content based on extensive research. Inspirational, educational and immensely knowledgeable, it sets a trend by breaking away from the norm of Sunday newspapers being in the leisure-reading space.




The Group follows a logical and data-driven approach in all its endeavours.

We deliver market intelligence to our stakeholders.


Marketers targeted Maharashtra, a high priority market, with a skewed focus on Mumbai while considering the Rest of Maharashtra as a single entity. Even within this ROM region, Pune and Nagpur attracted advertiser focus as compared to the other areas. Therefore heavy spends were allocated to these regions. However, research reflected the immense market potential of the state beyond Pune and Nagpur in the ROM region. So we decided to break the marketer’s habit and highlight the potential of this overlooked region. We branded this geography as ‘Central Maharashtra’ and undertook high-octane direct marketing efforts to bring forth the market potential of the region. Data highlighting the potential of Central Maharashtra was presented to the marketers. While this got the marketers to re-evaluate the spends allocated to this region, it also helped leverage higher price and volume of advertising in Divya Marathi – Maharashtra's Only Independent Newspaper.




We have a clear focus on goals. We are metrics driven in our reader connect, business operations and in our measurement of stakeholders satisfaction. This result orientation is an important part of our everyday work ethos.

We drive knowledge led agenda to help our advertisers expand their markets.


The Dainik Bhaskar Group has unprecedented reach in Tier II and Tier III cities, christened as the ‘Unmetros’. These are exciting, underreported markets that are at the core of dynamic progress driving India forward. Rising affluence levels, changing consumption patterns and the desire to experience better lifestyles and enjoy global brands in these markets creates numerous opportunities for both national and international brands in India. And so we as the Group are helping marketers, advertisers and media agencies gather critical information about this rapidly changing segment of the Indian population through our Unmetro initiative. This initiative explains the markets and possibilities of these cities through knowledge conclaves, campaigns and our property www.unmetro.in, thus helping our clients drive their market leadership.


Our latest campaign “The Action Is Elsewhere” revolves around the fact that generally people have been enamoured by life in the metros, while the real action is brewing in the ‘Unmetro’ heartland of India. Thus stressing that the ‘Action Is Elsewhere’.


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